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June 06, 2020, 07:04:14 AM
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Author Topic: R1200GS FD Oil Change  (Read 4826 times)
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« on: September 07, 2008, 07:59:16 PM »

This article was originally posted on the BMW LT Forum ...

Quote from: DaveDragon

Last evening I serviced the New Final Drive on my 2006 R1200GS Adventure. I had accumulated 590 miles toward the 600 mile mark where the Break-In Lube must be replaced with the normal Final Drive Lube which is a pure synthetic with a Red Dye additive.
I documented this process here to provide evidence that I actually did the Service in case BMW NA gets to replace the Final Drive for a 3rd time.

With the GS on the Center-Stand, I removed the Left Pannier and rear wheel.

To fill the Final Drive you must remove the Speed Sensor. Note the Speed Sensor Wire Retaining Clip. The wire must be removed from the clip to provide slack to slide the Sensor out of the well.

Just for informational purposes.
The 2nd Trip Computer shows 590.7 miles on this Final Drive unit.

Just for informational purposes.
Total mileage on the GS is 57,459 at this Final Drive Service.

Speed Sensor removed from the well with O-ring.
Tip: Position the Rear Drive so that the Sensor has room to clear the wheel mount block and put the bike in 1st gear to keep it from rotating and cutting the speed sensor wire.

The Speed Sensor Well where you install 220ml of new gear lube.

Looking up at the Final Drive Drain Plug which takes a T45 bit.

Note the O-ring on the Drain Plug.

The Drain Plug has a small magnet inside to collect metal particles.
There was very little metal on the magnet.

Allow the Final Drive to Drain completely.
Chinese Take-Away containers work perfectly for this.

BMW Synthetic Gear Oil has a Red Dye to identify it.

I poured 220mL into a clear container then transferred it to a large plastic bottle with a tube nozzle that fits the Speed Sensor Well.

You can't rush the insertion of the new lube as it will pour back out of the well.

I prop the bottle up and let it drain completely.

Replace the Speed Sensor with O-Ring back in the Well.

Be sure to put the speed sensor wire back into the retaining clip.

All buttoned up and ready for the test ride where I got the final drive up to operating temperature to insure I had no leaks.

The old break in lube, labeled and ready for storage, just in case!
Date & Mileage are on the side of the container.
This Final Drive Service is required to satisfy BMW Warranty Requirements so here's my proof of the Service.
BTW: This is the new design of the final drive housing. The previous design did not have a drain plug located at the bottom of the Drive.
You no longer have to break down the final drive and separate it from the Drive Shaft to drain the old lube.
I nice design change that takes a lot of time out of the Final Drive Service and makes it a lot easier to complete.


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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2008, 05:12:59 PM »

Thanx Colyn, this is good info to have available.

I have been waiting for the dreaded FD failure on the RT - so far so good.

Recently went in for the 20k service, they replaced the EWS ring under warrantee, did a software upgrade, then I had to go back again because the ESC preload no longer worked. They replaced the shock  Huh? at 20k.

Does that mean I must eat less or trade-up before the warrantee expires in May  Wink

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R1200GS / Port Elizabeth

« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2009, 09:51:56 PM »

Thanks vir die info Colyn.

I intend on taking very good care of my R1200GS... Smiley

FD failure? Suddenly i am scared...

EWS ring?  idiot2
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